Music Therapy


Music Therapy is a field that uses music along with the personality of the therapist as a treatment for rehabilitating, maintaining, and improving the lives of persons with physical, intellectual, and emotional disabilities.

Music Therapy is a creative arts therapy similar to others such as Art, Dance, and Drama Therapy. It is a healing art, based on scientific principles, grounded in research and is constantly expanding as a profession.

Some examples of clinical music therapy include: working with handicapped children being "mainstreamed" into public school to improve their physical coordination as well as academic skills through music's structure; an elderly person suffering from a stroke may benefit from music therapy by regaining communication skills as well as coordination. An adult or adolescent with behavioral, emotional, or mental problems can learn new adaptive skills, explore feelings, and regain normal functioning in society through music therapy.

Music therapy interventions can be designed to:

Music therapists work in psychiatric hospitals, general hospitals, children's hospitals, schools and centers for the developmentally disabled (intellectually disabled, cerebral palsied, etc.), community mental health centers, juvenile detention and treatment centers, convalescent (nursing) homes and retirement centers, and public and private schools. Some therapists are involved in special education programs; others work in private practice with children and adults, referred by doctors and health agencies.

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