Child Safety

Jack and Jill
Went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water
Jack fell down and
Broke his crown and
Jill came tumbling after - Nursery rhyme

Jack's broken head was certainly a serious accident. Some children's nursery rhymes tell of accidents and illnesses. Real life may be like nursery rhymes. Children sometimes fall and get hurt. It is true that accidents kill more children than any disease. We can expect one of every three children to suffer an accident every year that is serious enough to require hospital medical attention.

Why should we learn about health and safety?

Good health feels good. When we feel good we work and play better. Life is much more fun when we feel good. Good health can prevent many accidents and illnesses. Good health is the result of eating the right food and getting enough rest and exercise. Proper vaccinations (shots) may also prevent diseases.

Although accidents are natural during childhood, some children have more accidents than others. Accidents like drowning, falls, cuts, burns, and poisoning can often be prevented. Caregivers can provide a safe place for children. Those who care for children - parents and sitters - must teach children how to avoid danger. Although we cannot prevent every accident, it is the job of the caregiver to keep children alive and safe. This can be done by preventing accidents and doing the right thing quickly in an emergency.

Ninety percent of all childhood accidents are preventable.

Reprinted with permission from the National Network for Child Care - NNCC. Lagoni, L. S., Martin, D. H., Maslin-Cole, C., Cook, A., MacIsaac, K., Parrill, G., Bigner, J., Coker, E., & Sheie, S. (1989). "Good times with health and safety." In Good times with child care (pp. 82-106). Fort Collins, CO: Colorado State University Cooperative Extension. Read more at the NNCC web site.

Teddy bear with bandages and sling

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